Home Renovation Timeline: How To Plan Your Remodeling Project?

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When embarking on your home and kitchen remodel journey in University Place, Gig Harbor, Steilacoom, and Port Orchard, WA, many factors will be at play that dictate your home renovation timeline. Some of the elements can even be out of your control. Luckily, this guide explores a few basic guidelines that can affect the overall completion rate so you have quicker access to a better living space and a gorgeous home in which you’ll enjoy living.


Signs It’s Time To Renovate Your House?

Leading home/kitchen remodel experts in University Place, WA, reveal the top signs your property needs a renovation,

  • Your home looks outdated and shows clear signs of deterioration, like
  1. The roof is leaking.
  2. There’s dampness in the walls and ceilings.
  3. The wall paint is chipping and cracking, the plumbing fixtures are damaged, and the floors are worn out and creaking.
  4. The tiling system in your Washington home starts to detach. This situation usually calls for a kitchen or bathroom remodel in Steilacoom, WA.


  • You finally have the funds to do it.
  • Either your home is just too big for you, and you want to downsize, or it’s too small, and you’d like to add more space.
  • Your home isn’t attending to your current needs.
  • There isn’t much space or too much spare space.
  • You lack enough storage.
  • There’s a pest infestation that’s completely out of control.
  • You plan on staying in the home long enough to see a return on investment.


What are the stages of renovating a house?

While not every home remodel and renovation process in Fox Island, WA, works in the exact same order, you should follow a certain plan to help avoid unnecessary work.


Here are some common steps to consider,

  • Draft a plan:

Whether it’s a sketch on a piece of paper or a written set of architectural plans, start with an overall sense of your goals and how you plan on meeting them. Leading home remodel contractors in Port Orchard, WA, suggest assessing what you’d like to renovate and set priorities accordingly. 


  • Set a budget:

Make a final number on how much you can comfortably spend on the renovation and ensure you have the required funding. Smaller projects like kitchen or bathroom remodel in Gig Harbor, WA, are generally conceivable with cash, while bigger projects may require external funding.


  • Hire a professional contractor:

Research and select an experienced, credible, and trustworthy home and kitchen remodel contractor in Steilacoom, WA, like Tracy’s Quality Painting Inc., who will take the time to understand your plans for your home renovations fully.


  • Have a word with your insurance company:

Also, consider contacting your insurance company before and after your renovation project to ensure you have the coverage that fits your needs. The remodeling can raise your property’s value, so you should increase your coverage limits to protect your investment if it’s damaged or destroyed.


  • Apply for permits and order materials:

Ensure your home remodel contractor in Port Orchard, WA, checks your municipality and state’s latest regulations since inspection rules change and vary regularly. 

Once that’s sorted out, you can start ordering materials like lumber, drywall, new doors and windows, etc.


  • Start demolition:

It’s demolition time once all your materials arrive at the property and have been inspected. Ask your home and kitchen remodel contractor in University Place, WA, to keep you in the loop regarding the whole renovation.


  • Paint and install flooring:

Some home remodel contractors in Washington prefer to finish flooring first, while others may want to prime and paint before working on the floor to help prevent spills and stains. The order may also depend upon your contractors’ schedules and generally makes no difference.


  • Add finishing touches:

Lastly, it’s time to add any last details and decorations you want, from the final painting, floor sealing, light fixtures, countertops, hardware, and any other touch-ups.


How Long Does It Take To Renovate A House?

As mentioned earlier, many factors can affect the length of your renovation project. 


However, general timeframes for the most common renovations are:

  • Kitchen renovation: 4-10 weeks
  • Bathroom renovation: 3-6 weeks
  • Loft conversion: 7-12 weeks
  • 1-2-storey extension: 8-16 weeks


Some other timelines to take note of include,

  • Cosmetic:

Cosmetic home and kitchen remodeling in Gig Harbor, WA, includes interior or exterior painting, new appliances, new countertops, and basic flooring replacement. It can take from a weekend to three months.


  • Medium:

Medium renovations include a full kitchen remodel in University Place, WA, a new fireplace in the living room, and a new garage to the side of the house. It can take up anything from a few weeks to six months.


  • Major:

Major home and kitchen remodel in Steilacoom, WA, includes foundational repair, structural repair, house lifting, and second-story addition. It can last from six months to one year.


Honestly, it also depends on the kind of remodeling contractor you hire, too. An expert home and kitchen remodel service in Gig Harbor, WA, like Tracy’s Quality Painting Inc., strives to do tasks quickly while upholding strict standards. Our contractors work diligently to stay on the estimated schedule. 


Final Takeaway

Home and kitchen remodel in Gig Harbor, Fox Island, Steilacoom, Port Orchard, University Place, WA, takes patience and understanding. Working with an experienced licensed contractor like Tracy’s Quality Painting Inc. on your home renovation project is important and could save you both time and money. 


Our talented staff will collaborate closely with you to fully grasp and realize your ideas to their maximum potential. Thanks to our expertise in kitchen and bathroom remodeling, we can turn your space into a fashionable and useful place that meets your demands and represents your style.


Schedule an appointment with our team today. 

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