How to Identify the Right Commercial Painting Contractor?

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When running your commercial business, appearances count from the outside in. Your commercial property and space are your biggest asset and need the same protection and importance as every other business area.


Whether your warehouse needs a fresh new protective paint coating or the interiors of your commercial building need a repaint, choosing an experienced, high-quality commercial painting contractor in Gig Harbor, Steilacoom, University Place, Fox Island, and Port Orchard, WA, to execute the job with efficiency and skill will save you many headaches, before, during and after the project.


This blog post explores some tips on hiring the right commercial painter for you so you can make an informed, wise decision.


Checking Client Reviews and Testimonials

Another way to ascertain whether a commercial painter in Gig Harbor, WA, is worth investing in is by checking their online ratings and reviews. 


Highly rated businesses in Washington have an edge because positive feedback from other clients and customers is a massive nod toward credibility. In this digital age, reviews and testimonials are a goldmine of information about business attributes not necessarily communicated by the company, such as speed and knowledge, efficiency, cleanliness, or professionalism.


Check References

Most reliable commercial painters in Fox Island, WA, will happily provide you with a list of clients/customers they’ve worked with. You can ask them for their names and contact details, then be sure to reach out to them. Some questions you can put forward include the following,


  • Was the project completed on time?
  • What was the scope of your project? 
  • Did the commercial painter in Steilacoom, WA, stay within budget?
  • Were your expectations met?
  • How was the scheduling and payment process?
  • Would you recommend their service/rehire them?
  • Did they leave the site clean and orderly when they finished? 
  • What did you like most/least about their work?


Ask For Proper Licensing and Insurance

A reliable commercial building painting contractor in Fox Island, WA, will be licensed, bonded, and insured, so don’t be afraid to ask. You definitely need the peace of mind that your investment is shielded in case something goes wrong.


Always ask if they have the following credentials before hiring:

  • Bonded 
  • Licensed
  • Insured (general liability, workers compensation insurance, and commercial auto)
  • Company registered in the county


Any legitimate painting company in Port Orchard, WA, will willingly share this information with you upon request.


Search For Companies That Offer Free Estimates:

Free estimates are standard in the Washington commercial painting industry, but verifying never hurts, especially when you’re choosing between different painting contractors in University Place, WA, and gathering several estimates (which is always a good idea that helps you understand what the project will cost and how you feel for the company). 


Review Company Portfolio

The company portfolio will also give you an idea of the Steilacoom, WA, commercial painting company’s service specialties. For instance, if you’re looking to get the interiors of your office building painted, and all you notice in a portfolio is commercial warehouse exteriors, that business may not be ideal for painting your office walls.


A Fox Island, WA, commercial painting contractor’s portfolio will also provide an insight into any particular process, style, or unique skill set they may possess. If your painting project in Gig Harbor, WA, involves a specific skill set, this could help you sort through your choices. Hiring an experienced professional will ensure you don’t need additional help to complete the job.


Don’t Base Your Decision On Pricing Alone

We understand that as a business or commercial property owner in University Place and nearby areas of Washington, the cost of any work you have performed is extremely important. One of the most crucial qualities of a commercial painting contractor in Port Orchard, WA, is their ability to provide you with an honest and accurate cost estimate.


While you want to ensure you’re not overpaying for any required services, you shouldn’t simply choose the service offering the lowest estimate. Remember that the differences in pricing are often a reflection of the differences in the quality of work that you’ll receive.


Communicate With Potential Painting Contractors

Once you have your priorities straight and finalized a few sets of commercial painting contractors in Fox Island, WA, it’s time to reach out to the potential options on your list. Pay attention to their communication style and response time when you reach out.


Consider whether they’re knowledgeable and informative and whether they make you feel respected and heard. Here are some sample questions you can start by asking,

  1. When and why did you start your business?
  2. Do you follow the necessary safety precautions?
  3. What brands and products do you use?
  4. Do you offer a warranty?
  5. What do I need to do before you start?
  6. Do you use sub-contractors?
  7. What makes you better than the others?



With so many boxes to tick, are you wondering if you’ll ever find a reliable commercial painting company in Washington? Luckily, Tracy’s Quality Painting Inc. has more than 25+ years of experience and is known as a credible, trustworthy, and professional painting contractor in Gig Harbor, Port Orchard, Fox Island, Steilacoom, and University Place, WA. Our expert team of painting contractors is committed to exceeding your expectations with great outcomes.

We have flexible work hours and adequate manpower to staff any project of any size. We also use the latest VOC-compliant products, and our staff is lift-certified. So, if you need to update your exterior, trust us to modify your home into the envy of the neighborhood. Schedule an appointment today.

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