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First impressions are more important than ever in today’s competitive business landscape. Office space is an essential aspect of the physical environment since it establishes a perception of the company amongst its clients and employees. According to the leading commercial painters in and around Gig Harbor, WA, the physical environment significantly influences an employee’s morale, productivity, and creativity, which are generally high if the workplace meets modern standards and pretty low if it does not.

In this blog post by Tracy’s Quality Painting Inc., we’ll explore the transformative power of commercial painting. We will give you guidelines on selecting proper colors, the effects of high-quality finishes, how to get around it, and helpful advice that would make your workplace stunning and pleasant to work in. Whether you are entering a new phase of your business and need new office furniture or simply redecorating your office, our consultancy will help you to make the right decisions based on your needs and brand image.


The Impact of Aesthetic Appeal

It has been established that a building’s outer appearance influences the many individuals within it. A study by the University of Texas at Austin showed that an attractive office interior increases productivity by 25% and creativity by 15%. In another study conducted by Psychology Today, it was established that business people respect businesses with a neater appearance.

Furthermore, the leading commercial painters in Steilacoom, WA, also reveal that commercial spaces with an updated exterior fare better than their competitors.


Benefits of Hiring Professional Commercial Painters

While painting your office space may seem convenient and inexpensive, there are several advantages to hiring a professional commercial painting company like Tracy’s Quality Painting Inc. 

Here are just a few of the benefits:

Expertise and Experience:

Commercial painters in Gig Harbor, Fox Island, WA, and nearby areas are knowledgeable, skillful, professional painters who understand how to perform painting tasks effectively and at a professional level. They understand various paint brands and their categories and how to paint a surface properly.

Insurance and Licensing:

Professional commercial painting companies like Tracy’s Quality Painting Inc. are insured and licensed. This implies that you are shielded from liability in case of any mishaps, such as accidents or injuries.

Quality and Durability:

Professional painters in Steilacoom, University Place, WA, and surrounding areas use high-quality paints and other materials that are meant to last. This is better for you financially in the long run because you will not need to buy paint and hire someone to paint the office so often.


Painting can be hazardous, especially when working with high ceilings or uneven surfaces. Painting professionals are well equipped and trained to complete the task in the best way possible without endangering their lives.

Efficiency and Time Savings:

According to the leading painters in Port Orchard, WA, painting a commercial space can be a time-consuming task. By hiring a professional company, you can free up your time and your employees’ time to focus on more important tasks.


Choosing the Right Colors for Your Business

The colors you choose for your office space can have a significant impact on the overall mood and atmosphere. Here are a few things to consider when choosing colors for your commercial painting project:

Your Brand Identity:

According to the leading commercial painters in Gig Harbor, WA, office colors should be in harmony with your business image. For instance, if your brand is creative and innovative, using bright and bold colors would make good sense. If your brand is more traditional, you may wish to select a more subdued palette.

The Purpose of the Space:

When deciding on the color palette, the shades you select should correspond to the functions of the particular area in your office. For instance, you may desire to reserve quiet colors like blue in a reception area and bright colors like red in a brainstorming area.


The intensity of natural light in your office space will also dictate the specific hue. If your office is filled with natural light, you can afford to have more dark shades. However, if your office has little natural light, you will want to use lighter colors to help brighten the area.


The Process of Commercial Painting with Tracy’s Quality Painting

Tracy’s Quality Painting Inc. has learned time and time again that a business must have a professional, clean workspace. That is why, in an effort to accommodate your business’s needs, we provide a wide range of commercial painting services. We have skilled and professional commercial painters who will advise you in selecting the proper shade and sheen for your business in University Place, Port Orchard, WA, and nearby areas. In addition, our painters will complete the project within the agreed period and cost.


Here’s a general overview of our commercial painting process:


We’ll start by scheduling a free consultation to discuss the customer’s requirements and expectations for the painting. Then, we will conduct a site visit to evaluate the nature of the work needed and the colors and finishes to be used in the project.


Once we determine your specific needs and requirements, we will give you a breakdown of the work to be done, the duration, and the cost of the project.


As for the preparation for painting, we know it is crucial to cover furniture, floors, and other belongings that can be affected during the painting process. We will also ensure that the surfaces to be painted are properly prepared to meet the requirements; this involves washing, scrapping, and /or sanding and applying filler as necessary.


The professional painters on your assignment will use quality paint and other materials. This will be so because we will strive to work meticulously to enable us to deliver a quality finish.


After we finish painting, we will finalize the project and examine the room again to ensure your satisfaction. We will also give you a warranty on our work to ensure you enjoy every aspect.


Additional Services Offered by Tracy’s Quality Painting:

Color Consultation:

Our professional and experienced painters will help you find the right shade for your working environment. We can consider your brand identity, the space’s purpose, and the amount of natural light.

Weekend and After-Hours Painting:

We understand you may not want to disrupt your business operations during regular business hours. That’s why we offer weekend and after-hours painting services.

Specialty Finishes:

In addition to standard paint finishes, we also offer a variety of specialty finishes, such as epoxy floor coatings and wall murals.


Final Words

Commercial painting is an investment that can easily change your business and the results it provides to clients. A paint job also increases the productivity of the employees since they work in a clean and beautiful environment, and it gives the business a professional feel to visitors.

At Tracy’s Quality Painting Inc., our commercial painters have over 39 years of experience serving the Gig Harbor, WA area, including Fox Island, Port Orchard, Steilacoom, and University Place. We are committed to providing our clients with high-quality workmanship, exceptional customer service, and competitive prices.

Contact Tracy’s Quality Painting Inc. today at (253) 858-8242 for a free consultation and to learn more about how we can help you transform your workspace. We look forward to working with you!

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